Templates to plan integration of iPads in your lessons

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Teachers can use ideas from the following templates to brainstorm, plan and formalise the integration of Apps with the learning objectives for their classes.


From iPad Resources@danking.net(http://danking.net/iPad/ipad.html

iPad Technology Integration Action Plan and Lesson Template



From John Larkins iPad in Education blog: (http://www.larkin.net.au/blog/2011/01/30/ipad-in-education/)


iPad lesson plan template http://www.larkin.net.au/resources/04_lesson_plan.pdf


iPad curriculum planning brainstorm http://www.larkin.net.au/resources/03_curriculum_ideas.pdf


A lesson template format via ‘Sample lesson ideas’ from CUEtoYOU Professional Development. http://sites.google.com/site/ipadined/sample-lessons



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